Quality, Integrity and Service, Since 1955
Vito Gironda Construction Company, since its inception, has always been about Quality, Integrity and Service.    Dating back to its meager beginning in 1955, the company has been an Equal Opportunity Employer,  comprised of conscientious, hard working, union personnel.  The dynamic work relationship established between employer and employee has been vital to the ongoing success of the company.  On a daily basis, it is evident that the owners of the company, Pam and Frank Gironda, work hand-in-hand with their employees to assure that the highest degree of quality is maintained at all times;  that the projects are kept on schedule;  and that the customers are thoroughly satisfied with the affordable construction products and services provided.    Vito Gironda Construction is an ODOT Certified DBE.  Our continual commitment to providing a quality product and serving the needs of our customers is what has earned us a solid reputation in the Akron area and has afforded us the opportunity to proudly serve this community for over 50 years.  We look forward to serving your construction needs in the future.